I have refrained from confrontation for months now. That ends with this letter to you.

First, let’s get some things out of the way. Yes, I am being antagonistic in this letter. It is the last resort of someone who has spent a year plus seeing every email, who has…

Why do we fall for it every time? What is it about categorizing things according to quality that proves too hypnotic to resist? It isn’t just QBs, folks, it is in every single game. Blood Bowl has tiers according team’s inherent quality and ability to win in an even match…

“Buy THIS book and read it!” For the intellectual and educated white who enjoys things of that nature

“Go to a New Black restaurant and eat!” For the white food enthusiast who enjoys things of that nature

“Watch THIS movie with a Black savior who teaches a white about Truth”…

Marc Treyens and the Manic Musings

Be a mensch or die trying. I make jokes all the time and am serious but not self-serious. Suffer discomfort now or oblivion later and do not suffer in silence.

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